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Why The Global Monetary System Needs A World War To Survive

Published on 7 Apr 2017

Josh Sigurdson sits down with author and economic analyst John Sneisen to talk about how the monetary system benefits from war and why the global establishment is pushing war with not just Syria but Russia as well as the deep state pulls the strings.
John breaks down how the central planners are desperate for inflation despite a deflationary period and will do whatever they can in order to accumulate as much wealth as humanly possible through the money pumped into the military industrial complex.
The deep state establishment always gets its way, regardless of the sitting president.
Trump is not fighting the deep state. He’s cooperating with it.

The Truth About The Syrian Chemical Attack – A Timeline Of False Flags & Lies

Published on 7 Apr 2017

Josh Sigurdson breaks down a 4 year timeline of false flags and destruction following the false flag chemical attack in Syria.
Back in 2013 we saw the same story playing out with the same old lies. We at WAM did everything we could to warn people about the false flag that has been shoved in our face through the mainstream media. The propaganda that was all too familiar from Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and going back to Iranian missile coup.



Camila Moreno: The Commercial Truth Behind the Climate Negotiations

Camila Moreno: The Commercial Truth Behind the Climate Negotiations – YouTube

Camila Moreno is a Brazilian activist focused on the impacts of biotechnology and agribusiness in Latin America. This is her plenary talk at the Economics of Happiness conference, held in Portland, Oregon in February, 2015. The conference was organized by Local Futures, a non-profit organization that has been promoting a shift from global to local for nearly 40 years.

LSL-” Meeting of the Minds” April 30 meeting.

             Meeting of the Minds – Local Dialogue on Global Issues – (Okanagan/Boundary Chapters)

ego eco

We are very excited to announce a slight change to our ” Meeting of the Minds” April 30 meeting. We are doing a soft launch to our new talk show ” The Heartbeat of the Okanagan ” so please read details and share with like minded people you think would like to attend.

Join us on our Facebook page – “The Meeting of the Minds”

Next meeting is on April 30,2017

Hosted by Locals Supporting Locals
location Wild Scallion Restaurant – 75 Front street Penticton
time – 3 pm to 5 pm
Facebook link to Wild Scallion –…

Wild Scallion will be preparing 2 platters of appies for us to snack on and the charge is about $50.00 so if everyone can donate towards it that would be great and if we have excess funds we can put towards the next meeting

We are very excited to announce we are doing a soft launch for our new talk show “The Heartbeat of the Okanagan” Our guest for the 1st show are part of Locals 2017 Calendar. This will be recorded and put out to public via through website and social media.. Our goal with the talk show is to have guests and discuss important topics but as well allow for people that attend to be able to ask questions.

So first we will have a meeting and then the talk show


Locals Supporting Locals
Meeting Agenda for Sunday April 30th, 2017

3:00 pm Welcome

Meeting begins


Locals Supporting Locals presentation

Agenda carried forward from meeting #1
-Year round off grid greenhouses-Ricardo Manazza
-Forming a Society/Co-op vs. staying Inc.?
-Food security
-How do we reduce the use of pest and herbicide?

Clarification of the board
-Vice President
-Secretary (*2)

-March Against Monsanto 2017
-Groups level of involvement
-Sign making
-Kids sign making
-Cleanup (during and after)
-Passing out flyers

Talk how guests 

Ryan Foster – topic- Food Forests
Ryan Foster, former city councillor candidate in 2014, still lives his political platform, and personal mission—building resiliency in Penticton. Through an organization he founded called Food Foresters of Canada Society (FFSC), local food forest projects are quickly developing in Penticton and surrounding communities.

Dylan Smeaton from BodyTalk topic – The brain in your gut
“Dylan Smeaton, CBP, of Being Wellness and Healing joins us this month to talk about the benefits of eating healthy and how it is imperative it is to feed the enteric nervous system, or the “gut brain,” properly, in order to have a clear and discerning mind, a healthy immune system boundary and proper serotonin production to enjoy the good times in our life. Without a healthy “gut brain,” we will often “make mistakes” in our life that we brush-off and classify as “just the way life is,” but the truth is that when we can take care of ourselves properly, we will have a clear signal with our inner-self and be able to have the clarity to make the hard choices necessary in life to build the lives we want for ourselves.”
Dylan Smeaton, CBP
Being Wellness and Healing

5:00 pm Meeting Ends

any questions feel free to contact
Kevin Proteau 250-770-9789

Manufacturing Cancer: What Makes Roundup’s Key Ingredient Glyphosate so Deadly

Manufacturing Cancer: What Makes Roundup’s Key Ingredient So Deadly

By On February 3, 2017

It’s becoming fairly common knowledge that glyphosate, the chief ingredient in Monsanto’s best-selling weedkiller, is cancer-causing poison.

Most people are beginning to understand that approximately 90% of the food in our grocery stores has either been intentionally sprayed with Monsanto’s weedkiller or has been inescapably contaminated with the toxin.

Groundbreaking research is being conducted all over the world showing how insidious the weedkiller’s presence is in our lives. There is truly no escaping Monsanto’s glyphosate as the carcinogenic chemical has been found in air and rain samples, umbilical cord blood, baby formula, prenatal vitamins, vaccines, breast milk, and water supplies.

We understand what makes Roundup so toxic is its key ingredient glyphosate. But what makes glyphosate so toxic? Given the fact that glyphosate has been discovered to be an ingredient in five different childhood vaccines, meaning children ARE being injected with Roundup, let’s explore glyphosate’s toxicity.

How To Make Glyphosate

As you might guess, glyphosate is not a naturally-occurring chemical in the environment. According to Ullman’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry (7th edition), three ingredients are needed to produce glyphosate–glycine, formaldehyde, and phosphorous acid. These ingredients are fused together using heat.

Why should we be concerned about the ingredients used to manufacture glyphosate?

1. Glycine

Glycine is one of 20 amino acids used to make protein in the human body, however it is not considered an essential amino acid because the body can produce it naturally from other chemicals. Glycine is a potent neurotransmitter as well as a “superfuel” for cancer.

But what about injecting glycine?
Let’s start with the mild symptoms:

-mild diarrhea
-upset stomach
-a feeling of pain and a warm sensation at the site of the injection
-a feeling, or a sense, of being swollen over the entire body
-joint pain

Now for the “uncommon” side effects:

-upper digestive tract discomfort
-flushed face

And the dangerous, but “rare” side effects:

-difficulty breathing
-swelling of mouth and throat

Has your doctor ever warned you of glycine side effects or the fact that there are many types of people who should avoid injecting glycine? If you are pregnant, lactating, or have one of the following conditions, you should not be injecting glycine into your body:

• Bipolar disorder (manic depression)
• Hyperactivity
• Muscular Dystrophy
• Epileptic seizures
• Upset stomach
• Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH)
• Hypoglycemia
• Schizophrenia
• Acetaminophen poisoning
• Have allergies to foods, dyes, or preservatives

2. Formaldehyde

Because zero studies exist that prove formaldehyde is safe to inject into the human body, we will examine the CDC’s fact sheet on exposure. According to the CDC:

“Formaldehyde is known to cause cancer. The cancer of greatest concern is cancer of the nose and throat. Scientific research has not yet shown that a certain level of formaldehyde exposure causes cancer. However, the higher the level and the longer the exposure, the greater the chance of getting cancer. Exposure to formaldehyde might increase the chance of getting cancer even at levels too low to cause symptoms.”

“Formaldehyde exposure is a special concern for children and the elderly. Children may become sensitive to formaldehyde more easily, which may make it more likely they will become sick. Elderly people may be less able to tolerate high formaldehyde exposures. If children or elderly people are in your home, it is important to reduce their exposure to formaldehyde.”

Here are some side effects of formaldehyde exposure according to the CDC(source):

-nasal and eye irritation
-neurological effects
-risk of asthma and/or allergy development
-changes in liver function
-decreased body weight
-gastrointestinal ulcers
-liver and kidney damage

In 2011, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) determined that formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen based on substantial human and animal inhalation studies, including numerous studies that show a troubling link between formaldehyde and leukemia.

3. Phosphorous Acid

Glyphosate production starts with iminodiacetic acid, phosphorous trichloride and formaldehyde, then glycine and dimethyl phosphate are added. Phosphorus trichloride is prepared industrially by the reaction of chlorine with a refluxing solution of white phosphorus. [Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, 7th edition]

Very little information exists on the safety of phosphorus acid in general, not to mention its safety as an injectable for humans, but there is this study that showed mortality in fish and also this New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet, which states:

* Phosphorous Acid can affect you when breathed
* Phosphorous Acid is a CORROSIVE CHEMICAL
and contact can severely irritate and burn the skin and eyes
with possible eye damage.
* Breathing Phosphorous Acid can irritate the nose,
throat and lungs causing coughing, wheezing and/or
shortness of breath.

Phosphorus is so poisonous and so reactive, it is commercially stored underwater. Phosphorus exists in a number of forms [white, red, black and/or violet] in the same physical state. Phosphorous acid is used in the manufacture of herbicidal glyphosates.

White phosphorus is used as a deoxidizing agent in the preparation of steel and phosphor bronze. It is also used in rat poisons and to make smoke screens (by burning) for warfare. White phosphorus and phosphorous acid only have slight chemical differences, but both utilize very similar techniques in regards to their production.

We should all be more than a bit concerned that phosphorous acid is being injected into our children by way of glyphosate contamination, especially given that there is ZERO research to prove its safety.

To sum up the dangers, note that white phosphorous, a horrific chemical weapon of war that has been used in Gaza, Syria, El Salvador, Lebanon and Iraq, is actually an ingredient in vaccines that you inject.

What would Monsanto do without phosphorous acid?? Not only do they use it to formulate the active ingredient (glyphosate) in their best-selling weedkiller Roundup, they are the sole producers of the world’s supply of white phosphorous, which is dropped on countless innocent civilians with reckless disregard. (At least that’s what these redacted Army files allege.)

Why Does This Matter?

In case it’s not clear, there is research proving that glyphosate has now contaminated at least five different childhood vaccines:

-DTAp Adacel (Sanofi Pasteur) vaccine, which had .123 parts per billion of glyphosate
-Influenza Fluvirin (Novaris), which came in at .331 ppb of glyphosate
-HepB Energix-B (Glaxo Smith Kiline, at .325 ppb of glyphosate
-Pneumonoccal Vax Polyvalent Pneumovax 23 (Merk), which had .107 ppb of glyphosate
-MMR II (Merck) vaccine, at (a shocking!!) 2.671 ppb of glyphosate.

If such caution is exercised to avoid Monsanto’s weedkiller in the diets of our children, how is there any justification to allow it to be injected into their little bodies? For the record, there is not one single study that has ever been conducted on the safety of glyphosate as an injectable.

Top 10 Ways Universities Rob Taxpayers

Published on 2 Apr 2017

Josh Sigurdson looks at a ten point break down from ‘Open The Books’ on how Universities Bilk the taxpayer.
As Zero Hedge reports, the study proves how dramatic the monetary incentives are for Universities as they indoctrinate undeveloped brains.

1. Ivy League payments and entitlements cost taxpayers $41.59 billion over a six-year period (FY2010-FY2015). This is equivalent to $120,000 in government monies, subsidies, & special tax treatment per undergraduate student, or $6.93 billion per year.

The secret inside your cellphone (CBC Marketplace)

Published on 24 Mar 2017

As new science fuels the debate about cellphone safety, we take a closer look at a little known message inside your cellphone’s settings and manual telling you to keep the device 5 to 15 mm away from your body. We ask why this message exists, why it’s so hidden, and whether Health Canada is doing enough to protect us.
Watch more:…

Smart Meters causing tidal wave of mysterious illnesses that strike people in their own homes

Smart Meters

(NaturalNews) In recent years there have been increasing reports that “smart meters” – the digitized electric meters that are designed to send usage figures to power companies wirelessly – are causing a range of health issues among a growing portion of the population where such devices are in use.

In fact, notes the EMF Safety Network, a growing number of people from around the world are beginning to report health problems they believe are related to an increased amount of wireless radiation from various devices, including smart meters.

“Utilities claim smart meters are safe, and compare them to cell phones. However, cell phones, cell towers, wi-fi and other wireless devices can also affect your health,” the organization states on its website. “Reducing your EMF exposure can benefit your overall health and wellness.”

The group also notes that the World Health Organization has classified radiation as a 2B carcinogen, and based that declaration on studies that have linked cell phone radiation to brain tumors.

Vast list of symptoms

As noted by, here is how the devices work:

“Smart meters talk to their central systems using RF transmissions, based on a cell phone, pager, satellite, radio, power line (PLC), Wi-Fi or Internet (TCP/IP) communication method. Internet and cell phone applications have become the preferred options because of their flexibility and ease of deployment.” notes further that smart meters are typically installed outside homes and places of business to measure electricity, water and gas usage. How much RF energy people are exposed to depends on how far they are from the antenna that transmits the signal.

The power and frequency of the RF signal emitted from smart meters are similar to those of a typical cellular phone, cordless phone or residential Wi-Fi router. These meters typically send and receive short messages about 1 percent of the time. notes that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) named RF radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” based on findings of at least one study that examined a link between it and a particular type of brain tumor.

In addition, the EMF Safety Network has identified the following symptoms as possibly linked to RF radiation, based on a survey the group did in 2011:

–Sleep problems (insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, night waking, nightmares)

–Stress, agitation, anxiety, irritability

–Headaches, sharp pain or pressure in the head

–Ringing in the ears, ear pain, high pitched ringing

–Concentration, memory or learning problems

–Fatigue, muscle or physical weakness

–Disorientation, dizziness, or balance problems

–Eye problems, including eye pain, pressure in the eyes

–Cardiac symptoms, heart palpitations, heart arrhythmias, chest pain

–Leg cramps, or neuropathy

–Arthritis, body pain, sharp, stabbing pains

–Nausea, flu-like symptoms

–Sinus problems, nose bleeds

–Respiratory problems, cough, asthma

–Skin rashes, facial flushing

–Urinary problems

–Endocrine disorders, thyroid problems, diabetes

–High blood pressure

–Changes in menstrual cycle

–Hyperactivity or changes in children’s behavior


–Recurrence of cancer

Do symptoms qualify as a ‘disability?’

Many are skeptical that smart meters cause cancer or any of the problems listed in the EMF Safety Network survey, but the activist organization Stop Smart Meters, which opposes their use, says some people “have or develop symptoms of physical distress in the presence of electro-magnetic or radio-frequency fields (or both).”

“There are many symptoms associated with this type of sensitivity, and the main key in determining whether EMF fields are the cause of the problem is seeing what happens when you lessen or avoid exposure,” the group says on its website.

The group also noted that it has been unable to ascertain from the federal government whether or not the condition falls under the Americans With Disabilities Act.


Frankenweed – What You Need To Know About Monsanto’s Patent On Marijuana

Despite marijuana being classified as a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, GMO conglomerate Monsanto was recently approved for a patent on marijuana (U.S. Patent No. 6630507).

At one point in time, you could actually be arrested for NOT growing hemp, as mentioned in the article, “ The Marijuana Conspiracy“:

REFUSING TO GROW HEMP in America during the 17th and 18th Centuries WAS AGAINST THE LAW! You could be jailed in Virginia for refusing to grow hemp from 1763 to 1769; Hemp in Colonial Virginia, G. M. Herdon.

more information below video-

The United States Government, through the Department of Health and Human Services, filed a patent for cannabis to be used as a neuroprotectant and antioxidant in 2003.

Because medical marijuana is now considered medical treatment in the United States, the terms for it being a Schedule 1 drug have been violated.

A Schedule 1 drug means that:

  1. The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse
  2. The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the US
  3. There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision

One must ask:

  • Why would anyone would need a patent on a “weed”?
  • Why would glyphosate even be needed to eliminate potential insects from harming a weed?
  • What kind of detrimental health effects would people be receiving if they were to smoke this product?
  • What types of longitudinal studies has Monsanto run on this patent and what were the results?
  • What other non-privatized groups have run unbiased studies on this new patent and what were their results?

The answer is quite simple: it’s all about greed, control, and eugenics.


Government admits marijuana cures cancer

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) recently reported that “recent animal studies have shown that marijuana can kill certain cancer cells and reduce the size of others. Evidence from one animal study suggests that extracts from whole-plant marijuana can shrink one of the most serious types of brain tumors. Research in mice showed that these extracts, when used with radiation, increased the cancer-killing effects of the radiation.”

Cancer is a $162 billion per year industry. According to Dr. Leonard Coldwell, there are over 300 cures for cancer but because this industry generates so much money, none of these will see the light of day.

In the end, it shows how the government is pushing the eugenics/depopulation agenda as our air, water, and food supplies are all being poisoned and the government is doing nothing about it.

The future of marijuana

With Monsanto getting their greedy little fingers into the marijuana industry, one can foresee how nasty and dangerous additives will be included in this new form of frankenweed. Damaging health effects will most likely become the reason to abolish all other forms of marijuana, with Monsanto blaming natural growers of marijuana for health problems that their Frankenweed will inevitably cause. This excuse will also be used in further government regulations and taxation of marijuana.

Marijuana and hemp have been proven to be one of the most versatile cash crops ever known to man as they could:

  • easily stop the production of oil and be used as a replacement for gasoline. Hemp is clean, renewable, and could replace every other form of energy on this planet
  • be used for clothing
  • stop deforestation (FACT: no tree or plant species can produce as much paper as one acre of marijuana)
  • GREATLY reduce pollution by the elimination of oil mining, deforestation, gas emissions, etc..
  • replace GMO cotton and double the production of fiber in 1 acre
  • replace most facets of home building with hemp, such as using hempcrete, which is 3x more resistant to earthquakes. It can also be used for wall insulation, flooring, walls, and roofing and is fire-proof, waterproof, and termite resistant.
  • nutrition through hemp seeds as they’re very high in protein

Of course, there are MANY other vast benefits from marijuana and hemp but the main focus of this article is why Monsanto needs to profit from something that grows naturally and can benefit mankind in so many ways.

Frankenweed - What You Need To Know About Monsanto's Patent On Marijuana body mind soul spirit

As we’ve seen with the comparison between organic food and Monsanto’s GMO’s, organic food has substantially more nutrients and substantially less health detriments, so why would anyone want genetically modified marijuana?

Would you trust genetically modified marijuana?

Vote and comment below!

About the Author:
Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. Gregg is currently working in collaboration with Michelle Walling, CHLC, in opening a holistic walk-in clinic called Alternative Holistic Healthcare (AHH) in Sarasota, FL with subsequent subsidiaries around the world based upon this model.Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. Gregg is currently working in collaboration with Michelle Walling, CHLC, in opening a holistic walk-in clinic called Alternative Holistic Healthcare (AHH) in Sarasota, FL with subsequent subsidiaries around the world based upon this model.