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5G – Telus Network – What you need to know in Penticton

The City of Penticton has applied for $10 000 000 grant to help form a Smart City which includes and needs the 5G to make it work but at what costs. Please watch both video’s

We need to get this stopped in Penticton and Okanagan. Join Meeting of the minds FB Group where we meet to discuss local issues and more importantly discuss solutions


Missing Mechanisms of Interaction, Mechanisms of Action, Causation & Biological Plausibility Linking EMFs To Adverse Health Effects, Building & Infrastructure Damage, Crop Failures, Economic Failure, Climate Change, National Security Emergency For EVERY Country


This is a post for people, professionals, elected officials, industries, insurers, lawyers, academia, medicine, unions, all sciences, construction, religion and literally everyone on the planet. This isn’t a debate and any group or professionals wanting to dispute this has to prove electricity does not exist. On top of that they need to defend a plastic body part with liquid in it used for the limits of human exposure as science when it should be an aquarium.

Health Canada, FCC and IEEE all use the same garbage “science” standards making this applicable globally. Governments, utilities and industries were warned about moving forward with a very dangerous technology as applied when exposure codes admitted critical science was missing.

This post will not link any health studies or reporting on health effects because it is specifically the causal evidence and mechanisms linking EMFs to adverse health effects that had been missing for decades.

All applicable professionals including academia have to expand on this in their capacity and failure to do so will bring unrealized consequences with liability. Global exposure codes state that despite the 1000s of articles on health effects, causation and biological plausibility was not understood .

Professor John Orr of West Polytech in Worcester was interviewed on RF EMFs but would not take questions from outside callers. The radio host asked Orr if microwaves were dangerous? His reply was yes “if you were inside the microwave oven or the microwave was leaking.(meaning exposure to microwave EMFs). Orr didn’t understand Worcester and beyond were inside the microwave oven.

The RF EMFs used by your microwave for heating food or drink are the same RF EMFs used for wireless communication. The bottom line is you are in the microwave oven and in the wireless electrical circuit. The bigger plan is for the entire planet to be in a man made microwave oven for ease of communication with wireless devices. The qualified problem is there is nothing on the planet electrically compatible with these RF EMFs except the end use device. When you think of electrical compatibility, keep it simple in that your car battery can not be put in your flashlight.

Google and Uber for one example are competing for driverless cars. Big rigs will be wireless in time and the point is there will be no consumers, profit with these companies killing their own. The EMF coverage will kill all humans and biology without exception.

Google as another example has created a man-made microwave oven from 59,500 feet(11.3 miles) so Puerto Rico can have Wi-Fi and email. Imagine a microwave oven 11.3 miles in height. Meteorologists have not been informed of this catastrophic heating of the atmosphere the entire planet shares. The high speed oscillations of the man-made microwave oven will heat the atmosphere over the EMF coverage area. That heats the atmosphere causing climate change and contributing to  hurricanes that devastated Puerto Rico. Separate from that, the population of Puerto Rico is inside a man-made microwave oven so they can get emails. The health effects include the nervous, hormonal and immune systems being compromised. Are those compromising health effects contributing to flu severity and lives lost?

The unprecedented global emergency is because the Specific Absorption Rate(SAR) and the test using the plastic head with liquid has been used to supersede all jurisdictions, all laws, all sciences when it isn’t applicable or science. The SAR name itself is an admission of exposure and harm.

When asked if this would be like tobacco and illegal in time, imagine a baby smoking from conception. The Government of Canada revised Safety Code 6 and in that revision have determined pregnant women and children are ok with 24/7 electromagnetic radiation exposure. That isn’t definable as sustainable in the Auditor General Act.

People are NOT electrohypersensitive(EHS) when hit by these EMFs, missing science created that diagnosis. Here is a quote from page 7 of Safety Code 6(2009).
“The specific biological responses to RF energy are generally related to the rate of energy absorbed. The rate and distribution of RF energy absorption depends strongly on the frequency, intensity and orientation of the incident fields as well as the body size and its constitutive properties (dielectric constant and conductivity)”

Causation and biological plausibility linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects was found, reported and qualified for lecture for Continuing Medical Educationcredits required for ongoing medical licensing. That CME program was applicable to health professionals in North America but should be applicable to the world now. There is no higher educational standard and global medical professionals have been undermined. Jurisdictions and academia across the globe should be contacting the admin at the Integrative Health Forum(IHF Global) and associates to facilitate accredited medical education programs. It is the most advanced medical education program in the world and there are no sales or conflicts of interest. The health education admin is open to the idea of having different professions or public attend the amazing 2 day program BUT they have stated this forum is medical education now and not a debate.

The last 4 weeks have been a brain drain putting together documents that will be applicable to every person, industry, academia and jurisdictions globally. Courts will have the causal evidence needed and the FCC, Health Canada as well as IEEE will have to defend the plastic head and potatoes representing biology. The document for government jurisdictions will be sent to them on February 13, 2018 and made available to the public on February 14, 2018. For those that think this isn’t a big deal, what do you think President Trump will do when he hears his own investments have been undermined by a plastic head or potato as science?

Here is a picture of the test used for limits of human exposure and what the FCC and others will have to defend. Boeing Engineers used potatoes for Wi-Fi safety on aircraft.

Sam Phantom Model
Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.

The document that will be released will provide lawyers and courts the background they need to do their job without people spending 100s of 1000s of dollars while lawyers learn about electricity. Ken Mack and his wife had several people die on their properties because of the EMFs. They spent over $200,000 dollars but couldn’t proceed because their legal team required the causal evidence. That causal evidence is in the document.

I can not apologize enough for what has happened to people in the microwave oven, it never should have happened. These EMFs will not discriminate who they kill and there will be no elite that have a place to hide.

In 39 years of doing work that included taking on technical problems the whole world missed, I never thought our team would be doing documents electrically qualifying end of life.

Wireless communication is electromagnetic radiation inducing electrical currents and that changes all sciences globally.

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The Truth About The Toronto Police, The Quebec Court House Shooting & “Peoplekind”

Being a police officer used to be a respected profession where children looked up to them as their hero’s…oh how times have changed. Friendly smiles and helpful gestures were soon replaced with black ski masks and covert operations and now the police officer of the 21st century is hardly recognizable as they’ve slowly become more and more militarized. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over some of the issue with the Toronto Police Force in particular as well as an incident that happened in a Quebec courthouse just last week where an officer shot a man in the head inside the courthouse.



In fact, things here are much, much worse because standards are even lower and corruption higher.

Garbage fish waste – valued at 15 cents per kilo – is converted to processed food “fish” dishes like cheap fish sticks, fish balls, and mixed dishes that have “some” fish in them.

Bottom line advice:

If you can’t see the actual fish fillet on your plate, you might well be eating fish pulp that used to be garbage.

One out of three pre-prepared processed fish dishes are mislabeled.

Believe it or not – credit where credit is due – McDonald’s Fish Fillet is made of 100% certified ocean-caught Alaskan Pollock.


Incriminating documents reveal Monsanto knew they were poisoning the environment with their PCBs

monsanto incriminating pic

Wednesday, February 07, 2018 by: 

(Natural News) Documents that have come to light recently show that Monsanto continued to make and sell polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) for eight years after they knew that they were hazardous to the environment and human health.

The firm was already exposed for this practice when internal documents were digitized and posted as part of the Poison Papers Project, but notes from a Monsanto meeting that were recently posted on Toxicdocs show just how callous they were about the matter.

Monsanto set up a meeting on August 25, 1969, to address the problem of their PCBs in the environment. During the meeting, executives set out three approaches they could use. The first was to go out of business. The second? “Sell the hell out of them [PCBs].” Yes, you read that correctly. Their third option was “Try to stay in business in controlled applications.”

The hand-written meeting notes can be viewed on the ToxicDocs database for free, along with millions of other incriminating documents showing corporate misconduct when it comes to asbestos, lead poisoning, and other toxins.

One would like to imagine that a company selling toxic wares would pull them from the market or close down altogether, but that’s not what happened here. In fact, in the year and a half that followed, Monsanto moved more PCBs than they ever had in the past, selling “the hell out of them” indeed. It wasn’t until 1977 that they finally stopped selling them.

Monsanto knew about the dangers of PCBs for a long time

Monsanto started manufacturing PCBs back in 1935, eventually dominating global production. The chemicals were used as lubricators in electrical equipment and as coolants. They were also found in paints, flame retardants, and refrigerators. They break down extremely slowly, and they continue to affect the environment to this day while also accumulating in the food chain.

A different internal memo that was released in the Poison Papers dated September 1969 says that Monsanto’s strategy for dealing with PCB leakages in the San Francisco Bay, Great Lakes, and Gulf Coast areas should be to “let govt prove its case on a case by case basis.”

They go on to add: “We can prove some things are ok at low concentration. Give Monsanto some defense. We can’t defend vs everything. Some animals or fish or insects will be harmed.”

The documents also show that the company admitted later that year that PCBs are highly toxic to birds.

Another document, their pollution abatement plan, stated: “The evidence proving the persistence of these compounds and their universal presence in the environment is beyond questioning.”

Their knowledge of the harms of PCBs actually goes back much further, however. In 1937, autopsies showed that three of the firm’s workers died from serious liver damage caused by handling the substance.

A document from September 1955 read: “We know Aroclors [PCBs] are toxic but the actual limit has not been precisely defined.”

Company must answer for its misdeeds in court

Monsanto is facing PCB contamination lawsuits from authorities in Oakland, Berkeley, San Diego, Portland, San Jose, Seattle, Long Beach, and Spokane, among other places. The state of Oregon recently filed a $100 million lawsuit against Monsanto for cleaning up the damage caused to the state’s rivers and waterways, while the state of Washington is also suing the firm for PCB cleanup costs to the tune of billions of dollars.

In May 2016, a jury in St. Louis awarded plaintiffs suffering from non-Hodgkin lymphoma due to PCB exposure $46.5 million in damages from Monsanto and three other companies.

Sources for this article include:



CREEPY: Woman Sees Man Watching Her While On Facebook With Nephew!

Josh Sigurdson reports on a creepy story from the Free Thought Project where a woman who was talking to her nephew on Facebook messenger tried to send a video only to see a video of a man watching her. She pressed the record button down and the man’s face came up. An obvious hacking glitch. The woman, terrified quickly turned off her phone and taped off the camera. What’s also weird is that people can be heard talking behind the man. Could it be a hacking firm? Could it just be a guy in his dorm room? Could it be a crossed wire? Could it be an elaborate government hacking operation? What do you think? Comment below!


Locals Supporting Locals group helps ‘Angel’ Penticton Castanet News

Local group helps ‘Angel’

Colton Davies – Feb 2, 2018 / 5:00 am | Story

Penticton resident Angelique Nelson, also known as “Angel,” will have the biggest day of her life later this year.

Angel, who was born with cerebral palsy, is soon marrying her partner Aaron.

And she’ll have a big financial boost from Locals Supporting Locals to make it happen.

The group’s founder, Kevin Proteau, is holding a launch party next week for his fifth annual calendar, which he introduced in December.

“They’re very unique calendars. As one of our sponsors said, this is the mother of all calendars,” Proteau said.

The calendar highlights events and festivals in the South Okanagan and features individual small businesses.

Angel is also working for Locals Supporting Locals to sell calendars with Proteau in the community, who said she’ll receive half of the profits.

Please call 250-770-9789 if you would like Angel to deliver a calendar to you personally  

“Kevin was looking for someone who would love to sell the calendars,” Angel said. “Well I’m a people person, as Aaron knows… I’ve been looking for another job because we love to travel.”

“I’m just hoping she doesn’t outsell me,” Proteau quipped.

Proteau is hoping his calendar launch party, taking place on Feb. 10 at Penticton’s Craft Corner Kitchen can sell out. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

The event will include about $2,000 dollars in prizes and will feature local performers, including acoustic artist Jarrett Lobley.

“I think in this world of globalization, we need to kind of break down into smaller pieces and take care of each other more,” Lobley said.

More information on the launch event can be found here.


5G: Cancer, Cell Phone, Wi-Fi, Cell Tower, Wireless Radiation Health Effects

Please look at this short video in which Kevin Mottus of the California Brain Tumor Association is encouraging people to get involved in getting laws changed that allow telecoms to hide the fact that cell phones, microcells, etc. are dangerous. As in BC, the various associations, including the Cancer Society, say that rates of cancer are decreasing. Overall I’m sure that’s true, probably in large part because fewer people are smoking. But they refuse to provide statistics about brain cancers. In prior updates, I’ve shared info about the number of brain cancers, especially glioblastomas, increasing dramatically especially in younger people. Even children are suffering from brain cancer. Why aren’t statistics being released? Are they even being kept? Is it possible that the influence of the telecoms is so strong that these cancers are not being tracked?  We do need to mobilize, as suggested in this video. The politicians are afraid of upsetting their lobbyists. The Cancer Societies have major conflicts of interests. It’s up to us.


LSL- What you need to know! ExpOCP Shape Our City Penticton meetings (Jan 18,2018)

January 18, 2018 the City of Penticton hosted a meetings on the new OCP ( Official community plan) and asked for the public’s input on the new Sustainable Development and Smart City plans. LSL was on site to ask very important questions in regards to the agenda presented with regards to the health and safety and questions in regards to the protection of our natural local way of life here in the Okanagan. This is a must watch and share because today’s Sustainable Development shows how “Smart is Dumb” and “Green is Black ” For information purposes Do your own research but keep an open mind and be careful of those who say different because they usually have financial gain behind their reasoning.


Death by Medicine a film by Gary Null ✪ Documentary Films HD 2017

You will never look at the health industry the same way anymore Please watch and share for the sake of the people you love



It was a lie that the BC NDP would have to pay the Site C debt right away

Date: December 11, 2017

To: Ken Boon

Rob Botterell

From: Robert McCullough

Subject: Comments on the Materials from Mr. Eby

Mr. Eby stated that “that if we abandoned the Site C project, we would incur an immediate

$3-4bn public charge on either hydro ratepayers or BC taxpayers.” It is unfortunate

that Mr. Eby received incorrect information, but Mr. Eby’s best path would have

been to check with the BCUC for guidance on standard regulatory practice.

I gather that Mr. Eby was unaware that the BCUC calculations had set amortization periods

for the sunk costs and the reclamation expenses. The analysis assumed a seventyyear

amortization period for the sunk costs of $2.1 billion. They also assumed a thirtyyear

amortization period for the reclamation costs. In passing, their estimate of the reclamation

costs was quite a bit higher than the evidence. Both BC Hydro and Deloitte

forecasted costs in the $1 to $1.2 billion range.

Regulatory practice puts the amortization of prudently undertaken utility investments as

an issue in the purview of the regulatory commission. An Order in Council can direct the

BCUC to choose different amortization periods, but this would simply be an exercise in

self-inflicted pain.

If an asset is recognized by regulators as an earning asset, the usual policy would be to

write it down on the same schedule as that set by the regulatory commission. Again,

the Cabinet can choose to accelerate the depreciation of an earning asset, but this

would be a second way to cause their constituents injury.

It appears from Mr. Eby’s letter that he believes that the financing of the $2.1 billion

sunk costs has been held in abeyance. This is a curious belief. British Columbia has a

continuous financing program designed to balance cash requirements and cash inflows.

These needs drive the province’s issuance of bonds. The province has already spent the

$2.1 billion dollars and the cash has been disbursed. The cash is found through taxes and
the sale of bonds. For a long-term capital asset like Site C, the province would normally

issue thirty-year bonds which, indeed, is what the province has done.

Mr. Eby has also raised a concern that Moody’s (the only bond rating firm that has expressed

concerns about BC Hydro’s unusual finances) would react negatively to the recovery

of the $2.1 billion. Regulatory recovery of the costs of termination is a very

common practice in the utility business and is addressed in every utility’s annual report.

However, the proposed solution is to propose spending $8 billion more an asset that

could be replaced for only $4 billion. This, indeed, may concern the bond raters and has

been a factor in the downrating of the two provinces – Manitoba and Newfoundland –

who have followed the proposed path.

As I concluded recently:

BC’s triple A rating was just confirmed and will not be downgraded by cancelling Site C.

BC is already financing the $2.1 billion in sunk costs with 30-year bonds at a cost of $ 57

million per year, not $300-400 million per year. Even if the inflated $1.8 billion in termination

costs are added, cancelling Site C will save ratepayers at least $266 million/year

or $123/household in 2024.

If Mr. Eby and his colleagues wish amplification, I am a willing volunteer.