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Bayer Reportedly Looking To Acquire Monsanto For $40 Billion


Bayer Reportedly Looking To Acquire Monsanto For $40 Billion

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Pro-Vaxxers RUNNING, Hiding, Cringing, Whimpering, Surrounding Themselves With Gunmen…


LAUGH OUT LOUD: Pro-Vaxxers RUNNING, Hiding, Cringing, Whimpering, Surrounding Themselves With Gunmen…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate – Tim Bolen


It has begun…

The VACCINE HOLOCAUST DENIALISTS never, ever, imagined that there would be an anti-vax uprising of this magnitude.  To them, all Americans are sheep.

Paul Offit actually thought he was SO WONDERFUL that no one would ever question his “10,000 vaccines at once” nonsense.  Now he’s a laughing-stock avoiding “opportunities” to get those 10,000 vaccines jabbed into his ass at one sitting.

But, Richard Pan, the nitwit that thought his efforts might make him President of the US, carried in on drug lord money, after he got a mandatory vaccine bill (SB277) passed in California takes the laughing-stock cake now.  Far surpassing Offit.

Yesterday, in the California State capitol, the excellent movie “Vaxxed” was screened.  Coming with the movie was, of course, Andy Wakefield, Del Bigtree, and a few hundred others.


But Del Bigtree had an other idea.  he thought he’d stop by and chat for a moment with Senator Richard Pan…

Here is the result.

This, I think, is a portent of things to come…


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Report: Poultry Workers Forced to Wear Diapers to Increase Efficiency


Report: Poultry Workers Forced to Wear Diapers to Increase Efficiency

Popular Organic Bread Company Bought Out By Staunchly Pro-GMO Corporation



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Public turning against climate alarmists as more evidence of fraud emerges

April 28, 201611:12 PM MST

SCORCHED McMURRAY-Mohawk Nation News


Mohawk Nation News

News and Articles by kahntineta, Mohawk Nation News Publisher





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MNN. May 9, 2016. We love our mother and every living thing she created, the birds, animals, fish, waters and vegetation. We still follow the original instructions to survive and coexist. “Fort McMurray” was set up in the mid-1800s to protect the immigrants, kill our people and take our lands. They made treaties in bad faith. fort-mcmurray-fire-1

Why did Canada refuse to take Russian and other offers to shut down the fire? The fire is the center of tarsand operations for the world. The scorch earth policy was used to remove us in the past. Canada and the US have no legal title on great turtle island. This fire was not accidental. Mining and oil companies are stripping the boreal forests, all life and removing people to exploit our resources. Billions will be saved to rid our lands of vegetation and population. The workers were told to leave the facilities a few weeks before the fire started. They were sent home and told they would be called back. What did the oil companies know?

Albertans are fleeing and concerned about their financial losses. Fort McMurray and other towns will burn for months to clear the way for the pipelines. Then it’s heading for Saskatchewan.

Scorch McMurray is coming back.

Some say they are going back to Fort McMurray because the bankers want them to imagine that everything is going to be the same as before. In fact, they do not own their homes or cars that burnt or were left behind. They have registered ownership with the Corporation of Canada through permits, mortgages and licenses, which gives them the right to use this property for a limited time.

Our people have repeatedly warned the settlers of the coming disaster from their desecration of our mother. Russians, we have never been a part of the Corporation of Canada that’s responsible for this devastation. Thank you for your offer.

Corporatists back up.


Trudeau has not answered Russia. Trudeau II works for the same bankers as Trudeau I. He is in the job to finish what his father started in 1969, the “White Paper” to kill off the INDIANS for good. eagle thanks

At the same time, Trudeau is selling weapons to Saudi Arabia to kill men, women and children!

As the prophet Jimi Hendrix is asking Trudeau,“Look at the sky turn a hell-fire red. Somebody’s house is burning down, down, down, down. Down, down down. Sisters and brothers, daddy’s mothers standing around crying. When I reached the scene, the flames were making a ghostly whine. So I stood on my horse’s back and I screamed without a crack. I said, ‘Baby, why’d you burn your brother’s house down?”

MNN Mohawk Nation News or more news, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to More stories at MNN Archives. Address: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 or original Mohawk music visit


Russian help refused by Canada.

Oil tanker abandoned South Africa.

Renaming Halifax Colonial Criminal Cornwallis placenames removed.

Lakota to start final INDIAN war.

Roger Deranger added 2 new photos.

Fort McMurray before tarsands.




6 May at 17:57 · Edmonton, AB ·
to us, fort mcmurray is known as “Lii dli Kui,’ in our Denesuline language, it means, where the rivers meet, it was also our gathering spot for us who traveled from the north on the athabasca river, then we would turn left on the clearwater river going east to la loche, there was many camps all along those rivers, and on the west side of the clearwater, there is another river called, ‘christina,’ many of our people had camps further up, these people also stopped at Lii dle kui, and their camps was always near the macdonald island, after when the non-natives found our oil, the didnt do anything about until the late 1960’s, then in the early 1970’s, the forcefully removed a native who had built a home there before the oil production, with guns pointed at them by the rcmp, they also bulldozed his home, then they built two high rises in the exact same spot, so why should we cry for everyone who lost their home from the forest fire when people can come to our land destroy our dwellings and the very land that provided for us, and i know many of the natives will continue to live there, so ‘lii di kui,’ will never die, long live Denesuline Nene

Fort Mac after tarsands.



Minister of Indian Affairs, Carolyn Bennett,

Indian Affairs Toronto, 25 St. Clair Avenue East, 8th floor
Tel.: 1-800-567-9604
Fax: 1-866-817-3977
TTY: 1-866-553-0554

Minister of National Defence, 1-866-236-4445

U.S. President Barak Obama,

All Media, Pope Benedictum XVI, St. Peter’s Sq., Vatican City, Rome Italy; Canadian Center for Foreign Policy Development, Forum on Africa);

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Six Nations of Grande River 519-445-2201


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Seattle Sues Monsanto for the Contamination of the Duwamish River

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Seattle Sues Monsanto for the Contamination of the Duwamish River

shutterstock_280935236The city of Seattle is suing Monsanto for the contamination of the Lower Duwamish River and city drainage pipes. By Seattle will be the sixth city following San Jose, Berkeley, Oakland, San Diego, and Spokane to file a lawsuit against Monsanto for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) contamination. The complaint was filed on Monday in federal…

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