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Locals Supporting Locals The Heartbeat of the Okanagan Alternative Media,
We are recording as much footage as we can so with little to no editing so people can see who the candidates are, As well Kevin Proteau who is also running for council will be sitting with candidates to do one on ones and find out more about who they why they are running so you can decide if you want them to be your next council

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Jason Cox announcement for Mayor at Time Winery Sept 23,2018

LSL- John Vassilaki announces he’s running g for Mayor 2018 Penticton Elections(in Full)

LSL Penticton Mayors Forum Lakeside Resort 2018 (in Full)












This page is dedicated to the sponsors of of our 2018 5th Annual Locals Supporting Locals Calendar. When you sponsor our calendar it includes a short video commercial telling us who they are , what they do and how to find you. Please contact us if you wish to participate – 250-770-9789 or email kevinproteau.locals@gmail.com

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LSL-Lucky’s Pet Shop – Going Loco on Local !

Supporting Locals and giving voice to business, farmers and individuals in harmony with local values!

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