LSL – News

B.C. forest ministry cutting back on use of herbicide glyphosate(Penticton Western 2018)

INTERNATIONAL APPEAL Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

Suicide fear over ‘weapons grade’ technology being tested in Cornwall

Death from the sky in northern B.C.

Gateshead Government UK Councillors Code of Conduct & Injunction Against Mark Steele on 5G

Movie and chat’ on 5G Is it Dangerous ???Penticton

YouTube Will Now Decide FOR YOU What Is And What Isn’t AUTHORITATIVE NEWS!

Nestlé’s Ice Mountain Bottled Water Leaves Nothing for Michigan’s Trout

U.S. lawmakers warn Canada about Chinese telecom giant Huawei-(Globe and Mail)

Unapproved genetically modified wheat found in Canada

Undermining a self-sustaining system: A look at the reasons why modern medicine will NEVER be okay with natural health

Monsanto name to be wiped as BAYER consumes the evil corporation, creating the world’s largest chemical giant with a history of crimes against humanity

City sticking to its machines – Penticton Castanet News

Keep pressing for manual recount in Penticton


Forget the Facebook leak’: China is mining data directly from workers’ brains on an industrial scale

SELLING CANADA OUT: Trudeau Government Ignoring Warnings From Three Former Canadian National Security Directors About Espionage Threat From China’s Huawei Telecom Company

5G Networks in European Countries: appeal for a standstill in the respect for the precautionary principle

Concerns over 5G networks in Penticton – Castanet News

More than 180 scientists and medical doctors from 35 countries today pleaded for a halt to the proposed rollout of 5G celltowers

Citizens Up in Arms Against 5G Wireless Technology Roll-Out: Are Their Concerns Justified?

How smart meters can give readings that are SEVEN times too high because dimmer switches and LED bulbs confuse the devices

5G Cell Service Is Coming. Who Decides Where It Goes?

City of Vancouver now defines $3,702 rent as “affordable” housing

What you need to know on 5G a Chinese company and Telus

It was a lie that the BC NDP would have to pay the Site C debt right away

A friend met with John Horgan last night (Dec. 3) and here are her comments:

Worry about glyphosate spraying in reservoir is unwarranted, says toxicologist

/You Won’t Believe Wells Fargo’s Latest SCAM! – CAUGHT Defrauding People… AGAIN!

Residents for Health Care Rally–This Friday in Gyro Park (Osoyoos)

Nelson Meikle was one of a kind -Penticton Herald

Letters to the Editor (PH)-Nelson, a champion of the people

Letter to the editor – The counting of votes in Penticton municipal elections

Meikle passes from cancer – Castanet

Penticton has lost a great man – Nelson Meikle gone but not forgotten

Home School Excellence – Logic & Analysis

Trio Marine’s liquor licence has been cancelled for the Marina in Skaha Park

Mayor arranged to meet privately with Trio owners at least 5 times last year; Jakubeit says he was just doing his job as promoter-in-chief

Former NSA Confirms: ‘No Surge Protection, Smart Meters God Send for Hackers’

New report calls for curb on B.C. log exports

Got a secret decoder ring? City releases heavily redacted copy of Trio termination agreement-Penticton Herald

Pre-clearance bill would give U.S. border agents in Canada new powers

Unanimous vote for Penticton city staff to prepare a new resolution to forward to SILGA on RECALL OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTED OFFICIALS

Property taxes in city will double (Penticton) Letters to the editor

Dear Editor- Penticton Mayor said he wanted a new Official Community Plan (OCP)

Penticton Herald-What’s in it for the politicians?

Has the WHO EMF Project been hijacked by ICNIRP?

2016 Newsmaker of the Year: David Kampe

Cap and trade catastrophe for Canadians

Mayor cites population decline as Penticton ranked 34th best place to work in B.C.

Can Penticton residents TRUST City of Penticton Mayor and Council

Trio liquor licence for Skaha Park is under question

Agriculture Committee recommends no labelling, more transparency in regulation and support for independent science

Rafe: Trudeau, Notley’s defence of Kinder Morgan doesn’t wash for BC

Unfair parking fees on private lots aren’t tickets — so you don’t need to pay them, expert says

Blind Risks Taken When Considering Vaccinations and the Possible Connection of Autism

Penticton-KEEP SKAHA PARK – AS IT IS meetings

Off Grid Country living Home for Sale in Penticton BC

Rocco Galati files constitutional challenge against Canada-EU trade deal

All signs point to a corporate takeover of the marijuana industry by Bayer, Monsanto

Penticton New OCP and Bylaws Need More Input

 The Arrest of Journalists and Filmmakers Covering the Dakota Pipeline Is a Threat to Democracy—and the Planet

Open Letter to Mayor and Council re. Trio’s due date, Oct. 1

D DAY for Skaha Marina Agreement

Health Canada blocked quit-smoking aid after Pfizer complaint

Bayer has confirmed its $66-billion purchase of Monsanto

FL to spray for Zika with chemical that killed 3 million bees


Ontario taxpayers gave $163M to Liberal Party’s biggest corporate donor


Billion dollar blunder at BC Hydro means families will pay the price

Sit Back Or Rally – Penticton

A rally has been set for Sept 6 at Gyro Park

Media Release-Osoyoos Secondary is OPEN

Filmmaker exploring new vision for forestry with video series

GE Free Victoria passed. Unanimous.

Skaha Park group we believe in transparency, truth and proof of facts.

MEDIA RELEASE- Public Rally in front of Penticton City Hall-Sept 6

LSL – Penticton City Council has done it again

ZIKA DOOMSDAY HOAX UNRAVELS: Predicted ‘explosion’ of brain defects didn’t happen… entire scare campaign was manufactured

Two more Penticton pot shops’ business licences up in smoke

Is Assisted Suicide Part of NWO Agenda?

Monsanto and Syngenta tighten stranglehold on global food supply

What happens when you push a man too far and legal recourse is tainted with corruption.

The Coalition of ELDER RIGHTS Defenders

PH-Press Release”Is the Tail Wagging the Dog?”(School closures)

John Horgan statement regarding B.C. education announcement

PH-Letter to the Editor-Settle Skaha Park

PH-Letter to the editor- RESTAURANT is not listed as one of the PERMITTED USES for Skaha Park

Study finds organic crops boost local economies

Millennials distrustful of Canada’s food system, survey finds

Osoyoos Secondary School will NOT close

Actor Elijah Wood Blows the Whistle on Massive Hollywood Pedophile Scandal

Castanet news-March Against Monsanto Penticton

GM mosquito firm investigated by lawyers as share price plummets

Bayer offers to buy Monsanto in global agrochemicals shakeout

Independent school in hands of town – referendum is possible By staff1 on May 18, 2016

March Against Monsanto this Saturday-Penticton Herald

Why Are BC’s Independent Schools Getting So Much Money?

Glyphosate unlikely to pose risk to humans, UN/WHO study says

Bayer Reportedly Looking To Acquire Monsanto For $40 Billion

Pro-Vaxxers RUNNING, Hiding, Cringing, Whimpering, Surrounding Themselves With Gunmen…

Report: Poultry Workers Forced to Wear Diapers to Increase Efficiency

Popular Organic Bread Company Bought Out By Staunchly Pro-GMO Corporation

Public turning against climate alarmists as more evidence of fraud emerges

SCORCHED McMURRAY-Mohawk Nation News

Seattle Sues Monsanto for the Contamination of the Duwamish River

Is Christy Clark punishing Vancouver public schools?

Fires Burn Hotter with Nano Metals in Chemtrails

SD 67 trustees drop $14K on Vancouver trip just days after closing 3 schools

Duel: Keep Vancouver’s school trustees, fire the premier instead

School District 53 has killed a community

Despite looming closures of 3 schools, SD 67 still forecasting $292,000 budget deficit


Canadian Farmers need your help!

Under BC Liberals, big projects often double in cost…Why would Site C Dam be any different?


BC Hydro being used to funnel tens of billions to Liberal friends

Less use during winter given as reason by rise in rates by OEB

Crowdfunding launches new era for Firehall Brewery

Who owns water? Nestlé’s ambitions in Southern Ontario raise big questions about an essential – and finite – resource

Child services grills Winnipeg mom after she let her kids play alone in their fenced-in backyard BY THE CANADIAN PRESS APRIL 22, 2016

Administrative changes announced for Okanagan Skaha School District

B.C. continues to purchase carbon offsets, total now more than $50 million

22,400 pot possession arrests under Trudeau so far

How can trustees afford junket when they’re closing schools? – Penticton Herald

Former CNN Reporter Confirms Chemtrails. Lawsuit Now Filed In Canada.

Anonymous Release NASA Documents Proving Something Unbelievable

Penticton School Board Meets Monday Night One Last Hope for West Bench

New Documentary from Neil Young Exposes how Monsanto Destroys Farming Families Who Refuse to Submit to Totalitarian GMO Agriculture

Whistleblowers and Leak Activists Face Powerful Elites in Struggle to Control Information

Chemical Added to Hot Dogs Sausage and Bacon now being Developed by USDA as Deadly Bait that Poisons Wild Hogs to Death and Your Eating it for Breakfast

Boost Coming for Education in BC Minister

Panama Papers Psyop Complete Inside Job by Real Elites


NFU Calls for Immediate Action to Stop GM Alfalfa Seed Sales in Canada

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