Undermining a self-sustaining system: A look at the reasons why modern medicine will NEVER be okay with natural health

Image: Undermining a self-sustaining system: A look at the reasons why modern medicine will NEVER be okay with natural health

(Natural News) Every single one of us is involved in a war that we probably know nothing about. There are villains and heroes on both sides of the battle, and the battleground is littered with landmines that have to be navigated every single day. What is this war? The epic battle between conventional medicine and natural health.

You see, every time you take a supplement, get medication at the pharmacy, eat a meal, choose whether or not to exercise, or make one of a thousand other small choices, you are choosing sides between modern medicine that promises to medicate all your symptoms away with little effort required on your part, or natural health, which demands that you take responsibility for your own well-being by what you choose to eat and drink, how much exercise you do, and even how you manage your stress levels.

There are well-intentioned, caring individuals on both sides of this war. There is no doubt that unscrupulous individuals who care little about others make money from both allopathic and complementary medicine – both are billion-dollar industries, after all. Nonetheless, even the most caring and devoted practitioner of modern medicine can offer only one solution to long-term, chronic health issues: drugs to take away the symptoms. And when those drugs cause other symptoms, that kindly doctor will simply prescribe more medications. Until, finally, like 99 percent of all elderly people, you end up taking a handful of pills every day, all while feeling terrible and having virtually no quality of life.

Natural health, on the other hand, focuses on the total, holistic, overall health of the individual. It emphasizes the prevention of illness by healthy eating, eliminating processed, chemical-laden foods, getting lots of sunshine and fresh air, exercising regularly and managing stress in healthy ways.

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And that is why the battle rages on. For modern medicine to function, and for doctors, hospitals and pharmacies to make money, lots of people need to get sick, and they need to get sick often. Since complementary medicine eliminates the causes of many illnesses – including “so-called” lifestyle diseases – the medical community goes on the attack, calling those who practice this type of medicine quacks and charlatans.

There is no doubt that acute medicine – emergency medical treatment – saves thousands of lives every day.  Every single one of us is grateful that if a loved one is involved in a car accident or gets hurt on the sports field etc., they can get the professional care that they need to make a full recovery. And we are immensely grateful for the antibiotics which can treat life-threatening bacterial infections like meningitis or even a simple cut that could have proved lethal 100 years ago.

However, there is a darker side to medicine that counts on us obediently following instructions, taking the medications we’re told to take without ever making any lifestyle changes that, like a landmine on a battlefield, is a hidden but lethal danger. (Related: The medical monopoly: It’s not about who’s right or wrong but who’s in charge.)

Doctors receive almost no training in medical school about preventative medicine or nutrition, and yet their conviction that they know best, the “God-complex” that many exhibit, means that they are unwilling to recognize the gaping hole in their education. (Related: Discover the amazing secrets in nature’s medicine cabinet at NaturalPedia.com.)

And while many doctors are doubtless caring individuals, we all know of doctors who entered the medical field simply to make money – and lots of it.

The fact is, from the cradle to the grave, we are fed propaganda that makes us believe that we need far more medical help than we really do. Yes, we’re grateful that doctors are there in an emergency, but when it comes to treating the whole person, preventing the very diseases that allopathic medicine promises to treat, you simply cannot beat doing it the natural way. (Related: Discover real ways to improve your health at Medicine.news.)

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Monsanto name to be wiped as BAYER consumes the evil corporation, creating the world’s largest chemical giant with a history of crimes against humanity


Image: Monsanto name to be wiped as BAYER consumes the evil corporation, creating the world’s largest chemical giant with a history of crimes against humanity

(Natural News) Bayer is expected to finish off its $62.5 billion purchasing deal with Monsanto this week — and plans to retire the infamous “Monsanto” name are already in gear. But even if the name Monsanto becomes a thing of the past, the company’s dirty deeds and hazardous products will continue to live on.

Bayer certainly knows a thing or two about re-branding to save face; once known as I.G. Farben, the company engaged in a number of disgusting acts back in the day, including using Jewish slave laborers during the Holocaust. Changing their name to Bayer has not mitigated this fact — though it certainly has helped the company remain profitable.

It’s sadly almost fitting that these two companies have ended up together, as both Bayer and Monsanto have a history of committing crimes against humanity. Unfortunately, this wicked pairing will spell disaster for the rest of us.

Changing names means nothing

As the merging of Bayer and Monsanto draws closer, Bayer has revealed that once combined, the name Monsanto will cease to exist. Instead, Monsanto and its products will simply become part of the Bayer “family.”

But will relabeling Roundup as a Bayer product change the fact that it’s toxic and makes people sick? No. Will the independent media suddenly stop reporting on their cancer-causing glyphosate and pernicious GMO products? Absolutely not. Monsanto may disappear in name, but its legacy of toxicity and disregard for human life will unfortunately live on — and people are right to be worried about what comes next.

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While the name Bayer may not currently draw as much ire as the name Monsanto does, it should — and perhaps one day it will. The Bayer company’s history is just as sordid and twisted as Monsanto’s, after all.

Over 20 years ago, Helge Wehmeier, then-head of Bayer Corp, publicly apologized to the late Elie Wiesel and other Holocaust survivors for the egregiously inhumane actions of I.G. Farben.

“I have sorrow and regret and apologize for the inhumanity in my country for what I.G. Farben did to your people,” Wehmeier said to Wiesel during a lecture in 1995. Wiesel was one of many Jewish slave laborers used by the company during the Holocaust. The company was also reportedly heavily invested in the development of Zyklon B, a toxic insecticide.

Bayer’s dark past

I.G. Farben scientists also conducted experiments on their captive slaves. In 2003, Holocaust survivor Zoe Polanska Palmer spoke out about her experiences as a Nazi test subject. Many SS doctors reportedly worked for Bayer’s parent company, I.G. Farben, including Dr. Victor Capesius and Dr. Helmut Vetter — both of whom were tried and convicted for various war crimes, with the latter being executed after the war. Capesius, Polanska Palmer says, is the doctor who experimented on her, and witnesses say he worked for Bayer.

Ms. Polanska Palmer was not alone; countless children were reportedly abducted and experimented on. In the late 1990’s, Eva Mozes Kor launched her own lawsuit against Bayer, claiming that the company supervised the purchasing of her and her twin from Nazis and that they were then used as “guinea pigs” by the infamous Josef Mengele. Kor alleges that she and other children were purposely infected with a host of diseases “to test the effectiveness of various drugs manufactured by Bayer.”

Ms. Kor stated at the time, “After 54 years, it is time that Bayer takes responsibility for their actions.” In addition to financial restitution, Kor said she wants to hear an actual apology. While Bayer has admitted to the use of slave labor, the company has not readily disclosed the other acts of evil their parent company was involved in.

In 2003, in response to Ms. Polanska Palmer’s claims, Bayer contended that the name Bayer didn’t even exist between 1925 and 1952, and so, the company we know today had nothing to do with I.G. Farben. Really?

As sources explain, I.G. Farben has never truly stopped existing. Even though the Allies broke up the company due to their evil and inhumane activities, it simply became three new companies: Bayer, Hoechst and BASF. As of 2012, I.G. Farben still existed as a company in liquidation.

Is Bayer really as far removed from I.G. Farben as it claims to be?

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City sticking to its machines – Penticton Castanet News

City sticking to its machines

The City of Penticton will be using machines again to count votes in this fall’s municipal election, dashing the hopes for a small vocal group of residents that have been demanding votes be manually tallied.

City council voted Tuesday to approve four bylaws outlining how October’s election will be run. One of them outlines the use of vote tabulation machines that have been used in Penticton since 1999 and are commonplace across B.C.

The city’s chief electoral officer Laurie Darcus said they were strongly advised by Elections BC against manually counting ballots, unless it is by judicial review. The cost of a manual recount is estimated at up to $6,500.

She said the vote counting machines to be used again this October simply count marks on paper ballots and are not hooked up to the internet, adding the city would be holding an open test to display the accuracy of the machines prior to the election.

During question period, Darcus repeated her explanation of how the vote counting machines work several times to a few unsatisfied residents.

“What’s wrong with the good old days, when we did it all by hand?” asked Penticton Herald managing editor James Miller, speaking as a private citizen.

Miller suggested that nobody challenged the results of the 2015 federal election locally because the ballots were counted by hand. He added that large banks have been hacked, and asked if the vote counting machines used in Penticton could be tampered with by a “less than reputable individual.”

“These are not computers. They are vote tabulating units, so they don’t have any systems to hack into,” explained Darcus. “These are simply counting marks on a card — it’s almost like an adding machine, an old, old adding machine.”

Local activist Kevin Proteau also questioned council on the security of the vote counting machines, demanding a manual count. Proteau mounted a similar challenge of the use of the machines in 2014.

“To manually go through 10,000, there is probably more errors going through a manual count then you will ever get with an electronic count,” said Mayor Andrew Jakubeit at the end of a lengthy exchange.

October’s election will include three advance polls and a second polling station on general voting day to alleviate wait times. Council also adopted changes to its political signage bylaws, limiting signs to 13 spots on public property around the city.


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Keep pressing for manual recount in Penticton – Meeting at 1pm Tuesday June 5, 2018

Keep pressing for manual recount

Dear editor:

Last spring, Helen Trevors and James Miller and I had a meeting with the new director of corporate services at City Hall about the mechanics of the next civic election.

Amongst the issues discussed at this meeting were:

The city advertising for scrutineers and allowing candidates to pick from a vetted list; training scrutineers in an evening session so they know what their responsibilities are and exactly what they can and cannot do, rather than them undertaking this position with no knowledge of what their duties; rights and responsibilities to the candidates.

Two polling stations plus advance polling days; the City providing chairs, eliminating the need of voters to stand in lineups waiting to vote; sufficient staff hired to eliminate line ups (voting should not be an endurance contest for seniors or the disabled); giving out numbers so when voters are waiting they won’t lose their place in the lineup just because they sit.

Mail-in ballots for voters in the residential community care and retirement homes that will allow the mobility challenged to participate in the election; their right to vote was denied in the last civic election as no provision was made to enable them to vote.

Also and most importantly a manual recount was requested after the election in addition to the machine count. This would allay any citizen fears that their vote wasn’t counted or the fears of some that these machines could be tampered with or that the election results were tampered with in any way.

While most of the above is at the discretion of the director of corporate services, providing it falls within the Community Charter and can be provided for within the budget, the manual count is a financial issue requiring the assent of council.

A preliminary count by machine could be released the night of the election followed by a manual count after the election, which would cost $4,500 to $6,500 – a minimal cost to protect voters.

Council will hear the presentation from the director of corporate services on Tuesday, June 5 at the afternoon session. We need your physical presence and support to ensure that council understands that the voters in Penticton consider this issue important and that it merits their attention.

Elvena Slump


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Wireless wake-up call | Jeromy Johnson | TEDxBerkeley – Stop 5G

A Silicon-valley engineer turned technology health advocate, Jeromy Johnson discusses our attachment to technology and the health hazards such an addiction may hold. [AV and event video provided by http://repertoireproductions.com]. Jeromy Johnson is an expert in mitigating the negative impacts of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure. He has a leading website on the topic and consults with individuals, families and organizations around the world to implement solutions that reduce and eliminate EMF pollution. Jeromy has an advanced degree in Civil Engineering and has worked in Silicon Valley for 15 years. After becoming what medical doctors call “Electro-hypersensitive” (EHS) in 2011 after extensive exposure to EMF radiation, he embarked on a journey of regaining his own health and educating others to critically evaluate theirs. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

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5G tech in city street lamps causing nosebleeds, stillbirths, insomnia…

Image: Scientists warn that 5G tech found in WiFi street lamps is causing insomnia, nosebleeds, and stillbirths

(Natural News) Across the pond, one brave man is speaking out about a sudden spike in health problems he believes are related to LED streetlamps that purportedly emit 5G radiation. In Gateshead, a town in Northern England, citizens are reporting an array of disturbing side effects including insomnia, nosebleeds and even stillbirth — and Mark Steele has something to say about it.

Steele, 58, is a local resident in Gateshead and reportedly is a member of the IEEE, an organization which describes itself as “the world’s largest technical professional organisation dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.”

He is doing his best to raise awareness about the threat posed by the new LED street lamps, which were installed back in 2016. Steele says that a number of people have been suffering with nosebleeds, insomnia and other neurological problems since the lights were put in place. But the horror doesn’t end there: Multiple women have lost their babies since that time. In his own circle of friends, Steele explains, three women have lost babies — one of which was born with severe defects and survived just a few hours after birth.

“We are seeing babies dying in the womb as these transmitters are situated outside people’s bedroom windows. It’s a humanitarian crisis,” Steele reportedly commented.

Dangers of EMF radiation on the rise

Though the science on EMF radiation is still far from established, many researchers believe that it does indeed have the potential to cause harm. EMF radiation is the same kind of radiation produced by cell phones, though it can be emitted from other devices — including LED streetlights, according to Professor Ulrich Warnke, from the University of Saarland.

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Warnke believes that EMF radiation “causes disruption to the body’s nitrogen monoxide system, which keeps cells healthy and controls gene expression,” but he’s not the only one. Multiple health agencies have sounded the alarm on the potential dangers of this kind of radiation — but few are listening.

Back in 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that EMF radiation was “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” and in particular, posed a risk for glioma — a malignant type of brain cancer.

At the end of 2017, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued a similar warning regarding cellphones and their potential link to brain cancer. The European Academy for Environmental Medicine has also declared that EMF radiation is linked to cancer and other conditions like insomnia.

The evidence against EMF radiation is piling up — and yet, city officials are refusing to recognize that people are at risk.

Gateshead officials deny any health risks

As usual, government officials are already engaging in full disaster-control, publicly decrying any health risks that may be linked to their radiation-emitting streetlights. In a Facebook post, Gateshead Council declared that “certain individuals are frightening local people with false stories” about the threat of EMF radiation.

As is typical, uncomfortable truths are labeled “fake news” by the government. Gateshead officials continued their propaganda post by declaring that there was “no scientific basis or credible evidence” to support the claims that the LED streetlights were causing health problems city-wide.

The government further claimed that the LED streetlights do not operate on a 5G network. But as Mr. Steele explained, “The transmitter operates at 868 – 870 MHz. That is a specific 5G spectrum.”

Steele believes that Gateshead officials have put the entire city at risk by secretly rolling out a test-run of 5G tech in the area.

Whether or not this is true is unconfirmed, but the risks posed by EMF radiation remain. While city officials are doing their best to quash any semblance of concern, residents like Mr. Steele will hopefully continue to sound the alarm as things go awry. There are many concerns about the rolling out of 5G networks and other radiation-producing devices. You can learn more at Glitch.news.

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Brilliant Jon Rappoport Report On 5G Roll-out, Internet Of Things & Implications For Humanity.

The show features up to the minute news analysis by researchers, journalists and academics who are ignored by the corporate controlled media, as well as featuring activists from all around the world who are making a difference in their communities every day. People are tired of hearing about the problems, they want to hear of positive solutions.

Join our FB group as we move forward to a public forum on the health & safety of 5G in Penticton

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The Government Does NOT Want You To Grow Your Own Food! Here’s Why You Should And How! B.C

The one thing the government fears the most is an independent self sustaining populous no longer needing any assistance from the nanny state. In the face of corrupt governments all over the world living off the grid has become a viable way to step outside of the matrix and to no longer comply with their system of enslavement. One of the most important aspects to being able to achieve a good life off the grid is having the knowledge and ability to grow your own food! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with The Urban Farmer Curtis Stone about being self sustainable by growing fresh organic produce for your family friends and community outside of the governments control. To learn more from Curtis check out his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/urbanfar…


The Ministry of Economic Affairs is considering restricting radiation from radio masts nationwide. Due to the roll-out of #5G, a proliferation of antennas is expected, including in lampposts and bus shelters. This could potentially pose a threat to public health.

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T-Mobile launched the first 5G antenna of the Netherlands in Amsterdam at the end of last year - by way of experiment -. If it is up to the government, 5G will be rolled out throughout the Netherlands in 2020. That means a considerable increase in transmission masts. © T-Mobile












T-Mobile launched the first 5G antenna of the Netherlands in Amsterdam at the end of last year – by way of experiment -. If it is up to the government, 5G will be rolled out throughout the Netherlands in 2020. That means a considerable increase in transmission masts.

A document from the Ministry of Economic Affairs states that ‘consideration is being given to establishing standards for electromagnetic fields’. Now there are no nationally determined limits for the radiation released by transmission masts.

“With the roll-out of the new 5G network, we expect more antennas in the streets in the coming years”, explains a spokesperson for the ministry. “Now you see the antennas on masts, roofs of flats and other high buildings. More ‘small cells’ will be added, think of antennas in lampposts, bus shelters and advertising pillars. “

According to the spokesman ‘does that something with the radiation’. “We want as much security as possible for citizens that electromagnetic fields from the antennas do not pose a threat to health in the living environment, even if there are multiple antennas in the immediate vicinity.”

At the end of last year, 180 scientists from 36 countries warned about the potential risks of the 5G network still to be built. The radiation density will increase considerably, but the consequences for public health are unknown. The scientists state that some studies show that there is a link between radiation and brain tumors, Alzheimer’s disease and infertility in men.



Despite this warning, State Secretary Mona Keijzer of Economic Affairs is certainly planning to roll out a national 5G network by 2020. According to her, 5G is important for the future of self-driving cars, drones and fast internet connections on mobile phones.

Congregation now assessing whether a new transmission mast may be installed. Already in 1999 a European directive with limits for electromagnetic fields was drawn up, but this has not been legally introduced in the Netherlands. “It is not the case that radiation is not taken into account now, municipalities look out for this, on the basis of a covenant with telecom providers,” says the spokesman for the ministry.




comparative study by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) – in January this year – shows that the Netherlands belongs to a small group of countries in Europe where no nationally defined limits apply to radiation from telephone transmitters. Most European countries adhere to the European directive, but in for instance Belgian Flanders the government is much stricter: in the vicinity of schools and care homes, the radiation power of a telephone terminal may only be 7% of the EU standard.

The standards are also considerably stricter in countries such as Italy, Luxembourg, Poland and Croatia than in the Netherlands. The differences are great because scientific research has not yet established beyond any doubt that radiation from radio masts is not dangerous to public health.




For example, the GGD in Amsterdam says that ‘we do not know much about the long-term health effects (such as cancer) of living in an electromagnetic field around mobile telephony antennas’. That is because the antennas are only relatively short. “The strength of these fields is generally so low that health problems are not expected”, according to the GGD. Some people are convinced that their health problems are caused by these antennas. They reported very different health complaints at the GGD such as headaches, fatigue and loss of concentration.

The Netherlands currently has over 45,000 antennae for mobile telephony (GSM, UMTS and 4G). That number will increase enormously in the coming years as the new 5G network is rolled out. “5G can work at a higher frequency,” says the spokesperson for the ministry. ,, That means more capacity, but the range of an antenna is less. As a result, many more small channels will be needed, which will appear everywhere in the streets. “





“For high-voltage cables, stricter rules already apply in the Netherlands, because research shows that there is probably a link between the radiation from high-voltage lines and childhood leukemia.Therefore, no houses or schools may be built near a high-voltage line.

5G can work at a higher frequency. That means more capacity, but the range of an antenna is less. As a result, many more small channels will be needed, which will appear everywhere in the streets. “

Spokesman Ministry of Economic Affairs

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Curtis explains that the link between EMFs and adverse health effects-Penticton Public Forum on Amr/Smart meters

Why you need to be concerned about the new 5G network Telus is currently going door to door soliciting for. They need to install micro-cell towers every 800 ft so every second to eight home so Penticton and anywhere else they are installing them will be bombarded by hundreds if not thousands of cell towers.This video is from Penticton’s public forum where Curtis Bennett explains it best the health concerns on WiFi emf /emr radiation and this is without the micro cell towers. Locals Supporting Locals was responsible for hosting this forum and have achieved a public forum to discuss 5g health/safety and privacy issues and if need be get it stopped from being installed. #stop5gpenticton #stop5g

Supporting Locals and giving voice to business, farmers and individuals in harmony with local values!

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