Locals Calendar

We are proud to announce we are currently putting together our 5th Annual Locals Supporting Locals calendar

We are also proud to announce the launch of a second Chapter of Locals Supporting Locals proudly called the West Boundary Chapter.

About the Calendar 

Our theme is: “Real Living with Real Food.” It features photos of our local farmers that grow organic and natural produce here in the Okanagan as well as featuring our local businesses. Small local farmers and businesses are our friends and neighbours. They are the backbone of our community.

 “LSL’s support of locals in the business place is commendable and their concept of locals supporting other locals is something we should all embrace.” –

Bente Peck, Penticton Whole Foods Market


We publish 2000 full colour calendars that we sell for $20.00 (price subject to change )

We distribute the calendars through consignees as well we provide local employment and conduct a door to door and business to business campaign to assure that all calendars are distributed.


Standard Sponsorship $250

• 2.7” w x 1.7” h ad***

• 5 Calendars to sell or give away

• Basic listing in directory

• Includes Free coupon spot***

• Add $50 for upgraded listing


Special square on days of the month calendar $100 (ex. Valentine’s day. Mothers day or anniversary of business etc..)

• Logo and contact info required.***


Feature of the month $500

• 2.7” w x 1.7” h ad***

• 5 Calendars to sell or give away

• Basic listing in directory

• Includes Free coupon spot***

• Add $50 for upgraded listing


Special Sponsorship $500

• 2.7” w x 1.7” h ad***

• Sponsor a farm for a feature of the month

• Honourable mention in the calendar

• Coupon spot***

• Receive 5 calendars to sell or give away(value $100)


Important Information

• ***Advertisers responsible for supplying all artwork. If needing artwork Locals Supporting Locals starting rate for basic designs is $45 +GST.

• Artwork to be provided in 300dpi+ in PDF or JPG.

• Please note that the pricing options listed above are subject to change.

• No refunds 

If you wish to sponsor please contact –

Kevin Proteau 


email- kevinproteau.locals@gmail.com

Locals Supporting Locals 


We are very proud to announce the release of our 2017 Locals Supporting Locals Calendar

Locals Supporting Locals is an Okanagan organisation that annually puts out… the Calendar of Calendars! So much more than a Calendar, it’s a passionate manifesto for just what the name says: Locals Supporting Locals. In the spirit of the global movement of folks yearning to work together with their neighbours, instead of sucking the teat of Corporate Globalism, it comes with interesting business profiles, information, alternative media resources, and over $800 worth of coupons.

You can now view and purchase the calendar by clicking on link below

2017 Locals Supporting Locals Calendar  or please contact 250-770-9789

Listed below calendar picture are the locations you can purchase them throughout the South Okanagan. Costs are $20.00 per calendar but contains over $800 in savings coupons plus festivals, events and farmer markets are located on the days of the month and contains lots of info as well as a craft directory your guide to sourcing local breweries and distilleries.


Locations to purchase calendar locally –

Penticton B.C-

Wild Scallion restaurant – 75 Front St,

Rush in and Finnish Cafe – 248 Westminister

Whole Foods Market – 1770-103 Main Street (starting Jan 9)

Clancys Pub 333 Martin Street

Naramata –

Naramata General Store -225 Robinson Ave,

Oliver B.C –

Firehall Brewery – 6077 Main Street

Stone Works & Reiki Clinic – 548 Fairview Road

Oliver Shoes & Fashions – 6218 Main Street

Osoyoos B.C –

Jojo’s Cafe 8316 Main Street

Elvis Jewellery – 8302 Main Street

More locations to come  

if you wish to participate in our 2018 Locals Calendar please call 250-770-9789 or email us

We are currently looking for sponsors for 2018 Events Calendar (Please view our 2016 calendar online to see finished product below)
“Real Living with Real Food ” with the focus on our local ethical farmers and our locally owned small businesses in the South Okanagan.

The theme of the Locals Calendar is ” Real Living with Real Food” The feature pictures is on our ethical Local Farmers that grow Organic and Natural Produce here in the Okanagan as well as local businesses The sponsors are focused on mom and pop (small businesses)
You can also sponsor on the days of the month for special events, concerts, anniversaries etc..

Our reason for existence is affordable presence and connectivity – we provide it – with the emphasis on local. Our passion is community networking – we want to make your operation a household word in the community.
please contact us for more and costs – 250-770-9789 or kevinproteau.locals@gmail.com

view our 2016 calendar on line

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